I'm not a big fan of patchbays, so as to maintain as little equipment as possible. The 8080 has posed a particular problem with it's dual midi in's. Here's a setup I recently dreamed up that allows you to use all the 8080's functionality and record it's data.

8080 settings: local off, midi thru off.
Controller keyboard: local off, and midi response set to different channels than the 8080, transmit on remote kybd channel set on 8080.
Additional midi equipment set to different midi channels than those above.

Controller midi out to 8080's kybd in.
8080's midi out to sequencer midi in.
Sequencer midi out to additional midi equipment midi in.
Chain midi devices as necessary from their midi thru's.
If the controller is also a synth, insert it here also.
Take the last midi thru and run it to the 8080's midi in.

What happens:
Midi data travels out the controller to the 8080. Data gets changes by RPS or arp is set. Midi data travels out the 8080's midi out to sequencer. All this data will be channels setup on 8080's patches, but this does not matter
since going to sequencer and sequencers default to accepting on all channels. The sequencer's soft-thru function will redirect the data out on the appropriate midi channel the track selected. This data travels along
the midi lines until it hits the keyboards/modules that are set for that channel. You can play any module from the controller by simply selecting the appropiate track in the seuqencer.

This way you can record knob movements of the 8080's and 8080's arp/RPS. No patchbays. However, you will not be able to record knob movement's of the master controller, but I think the 8080 makes great knob box anyway.