JP-8080 Filter bank settings

The JP can be pretty confusing to set up from scratch since the manual is in typical Rolandese. You can try preset P2: 82 Filter Bank and send audio to to the LOWER inst input. This sends the audio through the filter bank (12 band filter that you use the 12 envelope controls to set filter levels and the other controls). You don't have to trigger notes to fire the envelopes or anything like that (that is a different type setup)

To set this up from scratch:

1. Turn on Voice modulator.

2. Under VOICE MOD (Edit+2)

a. Algorithm: FLT BANK WIDE or FLT BANK NARROW (others are for vocoder)

b. Vocal Morph Control: OFF

c. Ext->Instr send: ON *or*

d. Ext->vocal send: ON (depends which input you want to use, or both)

3. Voice Mod Send: OFF (ON if you want to use internal voice to the filter bank) Send audio to input.

4. Select SHIFT + UPPER to go into Voice modulator edit. Move the 12 envelope sliders to adjust. Change Resonance too.



Audio enters the external instrument input, goes through voice modulator and then to the outputs. This operates independently of the rest of the synths (i.e. you can still use the synth to create synths sounds with less polyphony).