Example Midi Setup of JP-8080

Someone had written asking about connection the JP-8080 and keyboard with a sequencer. The actual sequencer or keyboard isn't important since they all pretty much behave the same.

> The only way it works a bit is to take the MIDI out of my K2000 and

> put that directly into the JP's Keyboard in but then I get problems

> with the K2000's sounds when I want to record them through the

> sequencer.


This is right. Just set LA to record on any incoming channel and do this:


K2k midi out to JP-8080 keyboard in.

JP's midi out to computer's midi in.

Computer's midi out to JP's midi in.

Another computer midi out to K2k's midi in (or regular thru midi box to this)

K2k and JP's are set to local off.

Set JP's remote keyboard channel to receive on channel K2k is outputting.

Set K2k's midi reception channel to something different that the patch channels are set on the JP (JP's are defaulted to 1 and 2). (it's probably easier to change on the K2k than to change every patch in the JP)

Dedicate channels 1 and 2 for the JP in LA (if you stay with those two).


This is what happens in this configuration: LA will receive all midi data in channels 1 and 2 depending on the configuration of the JP, but sequencers do not care, since most typically use the soft thru feature of the sequencer and it echoes back out on whatever channel in set for that track that is selected. If you highlight a track that is destined for the K2k and play the k2k, the midi data leaves the K goes thru the JP gets resent on channels 1 or 2 out the JP's midi out (JP does not trigger since local off). Data enters the Sequencer and get redirected to the output and channel for the K2k (you don't even need a smart midi box for this, since even a midi thru box would work). Upon arrival to the K's midi in, it triggers the sounds of the K. You can record the note data and even overdub midi data if necessary, including knob movements if the K has them. Note: make sure you are not on a patch on the JP that uses the arpeggiator when doing this.


Now you want to play the K but want to hear the JP (and record midi data). Just switch to the track on LA that is setup for the JP (channels one or two). The midi note data leaves the K, enter the JP just as before. The JP redirects this note data without sounding it yet (still local off) to it's midi out to enter the sequencer. Here's the good part. If you turn on the arpeggiator, the JP will apreggiate the incoming note at this point, send arp'd note out the midi out for recording by the sequencer. The sequencer then echo's the note data back out on channels 1 or 2 (depending on configuration). The JP will trigger it's sounds from this data coming in on it's midi in. The K will ignore it since it not on it's midi channel.


There you have it. The only thing you have to do to switch which machines you are working on is to select a different track and the only extra hardware requirement is to have a midi thru box. (a dumb one-in/two-out works even). Now if you play you new sequence, all is OK since all data goes on it's respective channel to the instruments. If there is an easy way to do it, I'll find it!