JP-8080 Traditional Filter Input

This is more in the traditional style of EXT INPUT used on other synths such as SuperBassStation, Waldorf Q/MWXT, Access Virus:

1. Pick upper or lower (doesn't matter)

2. For the OSC 2 waveform, pick EXT

3. Turn off the Voice Modulater

4. Send audio signal to Vocal/Upper if using UPPER patch or send audio signal to INST/LOWER if using LOWER PATCH.

5. Turn the OSC balance to all the way to OSC 2 in the patch you are using.

6. Send audio signal to JP while pressing keys (or trigger chicklets on the front). Envelope may need some adjusting since it is the key pressing which triggers the amp and filter envelopes. Sustain helps. Using this allows you to use the 3 types of filters: BP, LP and HP.

Note: This basically substitutes the OSC2 waveform with the external sound of your choice.

There are more setting possibilities. One is to use the audio signal itself to trigger the filter and amp envelopes. This is done as described on page 121 of the manual. I'll try to better explain. Remember that using the external inputs through EXT Waveform (and Voice Modulator off) does not relate UPPER and LOWER to each other in any way. UPPER and LOWER parts are completely separate.

1. Typically if you want an external input to UPPER, use the Vocal/Upper connection on the back. If you want an external input to LOWER, use the Inst/Lower connection on the back. You can even use both at the same time with different audio signals. If you want to use the same audio source for both the upper and lower, plug into the Inst/Lower jack only since an internal switch will supply the signal to the upper also.

2. Select EXT for OSC2.

3. Under EDIT + 4 (patch) set Ext Trig Switch to ON.

4. Under EDIT + 4 (patch) set Ext Trig Dest to FILTER, AMP or FILTER&AMP. This tell the JP what to trigger upon getting external sound. You can select either or both envelopes to trigger.

5. Set the input volumes (upper right corner). Occasional RED lights are OK.

6. Setting CONTROL 1 of OSC2 sets the threshold for triggering the envelopes.

7. Adjust OSC balance for audio source you want to hear. If turn balance to OSC1 you will only hear OSC1 and not the external waveform while the external audio still triggers the envelopes (sort of like how a gate operates). If you turn to OSC2 you will only hear the external audio input with envelope effect.